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Expert Managed IT Services

At JDL Technologies, we understand that running a business involves a lot more than just wrestling with technology. Our top-notch managed IT services are here to help.

JDL Technologies’ comprehensive suite of managed IT Services gives you the freedom to focus on your business’ priorities. When you work with JDL Technologies, you’ll be provided with the best IT services around. We can cover any of your Information Technology needs. Whether your business needs streamlined communications or virtual computing services, you can find them all here at JDL.

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Three years ago we engaged JDL Technologies to manage our IT infrastructure as part of the JDL Tech managed IT program. This has freed up our in-house staff to be highly efficient and responsive to the business needs of the corporation. As an expert, experienced technology partner, JDL Technologies enables us to optimize our IT infrastructure and capabilities without having to add in-house resources. I would recommend JDL Tech Managed IT services to anyone looking for the same benefits.
- Corporate Client, Florida
JDL Tech conducted a Network Security Assessment, prioritized their findings, and offered remediation recommendations for each finding. We were impressed with the comprehensiveness and professionalism of the report and process, which led us to sign an agreement to have JDL manage our IT services. I am extremely pleased with the work, professionalism, and exceptional service received from JDL—and, more importantly, from all of their employees. The choice to switch to JDL Technologies has proven to be the best IT decision for ARCA!
- ARCA Capital Investments, Miami, Florida

JDL Technologies Managed IT Services

24/7 Support

JDL’s managed professional IT support services include full access to a team of IT experts available 24/7. Our professionals will gladly provide solutions when they are most needed.

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Workstation Support

JDL provides proactive, automatic updating and patching of all computer software. Our workstation support services give you the latest upgrades, including anti-virus and anti-spam protection.


JDL provides custom-managed security solutions to perfectly meet the unique and versatile needs of businesses of any size, in any industry. We keep your valuable data safe and secure.

Phone Solutions

Give your business the competitive edge with a Voice over Internet Protocol phone solution. JDL’s phone solutions services will link all your business communications into one streamlined experience.

Virtual CIO Support

JDL’s virtual CIO support service gives you access to an expert who is skilled at finding business-minded solutions for all IT-related solutions. You’ll receive expert IT solutions and strategic planning, all while staying within your budget.


JDL Technologies provides everything your business needs to share information. Our IT communications services include Microsoft Office, phones, vendor management, and content sharing & syncing.

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Virtual Computing

JDL’s cloud IT solutions provide virtual desktops, servers, networks, and more that are set up and managed by a team of expert engineers at sustainable costs.

Office 365 & Azure

Windows Azure and Office 365 are cloud-based services. The components of Office 365 rely on Windows Azure Active Directory services on the back-end, which JDL Technologies’ Managed IT Services can provide.